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About Us


Linden Meadows is a K to 8 English school.

We are situated beside a beautiful park in the heart of Linden Woods. We are a school with a rich tradition of academic excellence and strong fine arts and athletic programming. We are dedicated to ensuring that our students exceed grade level standards for literacy and numeracy, “while inspiring growth and wonder!”  Our caring and supportive staff work hard to build solid relationships with students and parents.  Character education is an important part of our school curriculum and we are committed to both teaching about the importance of being kind and helpful.  Linden Meadows students strive to explore, question, discover and grow as they make a positive impact in the world around them. "Inspiring growth and wonder" is our school motto. We aim to keep curiosity alive and fuel a passion for learning!

As a UNESCO school, we believe in education for sustainable development, intercultural understanding, human rights and creating a culture of peace.  We are committed to learning together about how to better meet the needs of our growing EAL population and to honouring Truth and Reconciliation Commission's mandate on teaching Indigenous Perspectives.  As a learning community, we continue to examine anti-racist narratives and ensure that diverse perspectives are taught in our school.

Our local and global community partnerships are important to us.  We will continue to both learn from and with our community seniors at Lindenwood Manor and the Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre . In 2017-2018, Linden Meadows formed a partnership with the Melton Primary School in Kampala, Uganda. We embraced this friendship with Melton and over the course of the year, we learned about our differences but also connected around what we had in common. It was a powerful learning experience that we valued tremendously and look forward to continuing.  At the school level, we purposefully work on building the interconnectedness of our students through our Learning Buddies Program. It is one of the many advantages of a kindergarten to grade eight school setting!

Mr Oughton, Principal and Mrs. Barclay Vice-Principal

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