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Linden Meadows School offers a variety of extracurricular activities to support students’ engagement in the school.  The Physical Education department offers teams in volleyball, basketball, soccer and badminton, as well as intramurals, cross country running, and track and field. All sporting activities are offered seasonally and may run for several months to provide a wide variety of opportunities for students.

Linden Meadows also has a broad range of clubs for which students in grades one to eight may become involved. Club options may include some of the following: Glee club, knitting club, choir, jazz band, UNESCO Leadership, Conscious Kindness, Deli, yearbook, debate, dance, dryland training and more. Clubs are dependent on student interest and the ability for staff to provide time before or after school and at lunch for clubs to run. Clubs also run for two to three months to provide many occasions for students to participate throughout the year.

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