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Working with Elders and Knowledge Keepers in our schools

Pembina Trails is excited to support ongoing engagements with Elders and Knowledge Keepers in schools through the provincial pilot project in 2022/23. The goal of the pilot project is to promote the inclusion of First Nations, Métis and Inuit histories, culture, traditional values, contemporary lifestyles, and traditional knowledge in the provincial curricula. 


Each of the three pilot schools involved in the project, Westgrove School, Westdale School and École secondaire Oak Park High School were invited to share about their school-based experiences, reflections, and learning through the project at the first ever Elders and Knowledge Keepers in Schools Symposium. We were fortunate to have teachers Kaylene Lundberg (WG), Allison Moore (WD) and Christina Fillion (OP) share about their participation in the project and the ways in which students learned about cultural teachings, experiences, Indigenous languages, arts, and culture. 


Through the project, Elders and Knowledge Keepers in schools supported the development and delivery of Indigenous worldviews through traditional knowledge and story, and teaching practices and protocols to help enhance connection between family and school. Knowledge Keeper Glenna Henderson was there to join us in sharing about her experiences and connection to the work. In her words she states that “I feel the ground moving from under our feet” and we are extremely grateful for Glenna’s guidance in moving us along in our journey. Moving forward, we continue to develop and invest in our intentional relationships with Elders and Knowledge Keepers and our divisional commitment towards reconciliation.


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