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General FAQs


"I came here to study English. I want to be a professor teaching English literature in University and I could improve my English very well over here. The teachers here are passionate and nice. They will be always with you if you need any help." Sunny from Korea.

Q. How do I Apply to your program?

A. Click on the Apply tab at the top of the screen and follow the Application process.  Starting January 18, 2021, You will need to create an account with our online application submission system through True North.  The paper application forms will be available on the site above until January 31, 2021.

Q. What documents are required to apply to your program?

A. There will be a list of documents required to apply when you create your True North account.  If any required documents are missing, the application will not be process, and you will receive a message from True North asking you to submit the missing documents.

Q. How much does your program cost?

A. Our Fee schedule can be found under the Apply tab at the top of the screen.

Q. Do I need a Study Permit to study in your program? 

A. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada students studying in a program of less than six months do not require a Study Permit. However we advise that you apply for a Study Permit because if you are coming for one semester (five months) under a Visitor Permit and you change your mind, you may need to leave Canada in order to apply for a Study Permit. For more information please visit the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada at and click on “Come to Canada - Study” on the left hand margin.

Q. I'm a current International student at Pembina Trails. How do I renew my study permit and/or my visitor visa?

A. Please click here for a detailed explanation on study permit and/or visitor visa renewal.

Q. What type of medical insurance coverage will I receive as a student in your program? 

A. Medical insurance is provided by Manitoba Health and/or Study Insured. Please take a look at the Medical Insurance page under the “Apply” tab on our website for a full explanation on the type of medical insurance you will have. Students covered by Study Insured can find a more detailed explanation of their coverage by referencing the Study Insured website.

Q. I am a Canadian citizen/Permanent Resident. Do I still need to pay foreign student fees to study in your program?

A. If your parents are also Canadian citizens/Permanent Residents and you are living permanently in our school division then you are not required to pay the foreign student fee. However, if you are not living with your parents while studying in our program, then the foreign student fees apply. Please see our Refund policy under the "Apply" tab.

Q. Do students live with a homestay family or do they live in residence? 

A. Pembina Trails School Division is a public school division and, as with most all public school divisions in Canada, International students live with approved homestay families. Follow the link to learn more about our Homestay Program.

Q. Can I make my own arrangements for accommodations while studying in your program? 

A. Yes, but all International students who do not live with a homestay family arranged by the Pembina Trails School Division must live with a family that satisfies ALL four of the following conditions:

  • There must be a member of the family who is a minimum of 35 years of age who will assume responsibility for the International student.
  • The adult responsible for the International student must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident (as required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada).
  • The adult responsible for the International student is responsible to complete and submit the Custodianship Declaration - Custodian document (as required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada).
  • All accommodations arranged independent of the Pembina Trails School Division must be approved by the Pembina Trails School Division.

Q. Does the Pembina Trails School Division charge a fee for custodianship? 

A. No. The Director of our program is the custodian for all students in our Homestay Program and there is no extra charge for this service.

Q. Does Pembina Trails School Division have a homestay placement fee? 

A. No.

Q. Where is your program located? 

A. Pembina Trails School Division is located in the southwest region of the city of Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Please examine the Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba websites to learn more about what Winnipeg and Manitoba has to offer.

Q. How many Canadian students and International students are in Pembina Trails School Division? 

A. Pembina Trails School Division has approximately 14,000 Canadian students located throughout its 34 schools. Each year our schools generally host 200+ International students representing approximately 25 countries.

Q. I want to make sure I attend the best school in the Pembina Trails School Division. Can you please advise me which of your schools is the best? 

A. The Pembina Trails School Division is a public school division. This means that one school is not built to be better than any other school. The main difference between schools is the grades that are in them and the geographical location of the school within the school division. Each school does have its own unique differences but these do not make it better than any other school - just different. To learn about what each school has to offer please take a look at our List of Schools.

Q. What makes Pembina Trails School Division different from other school divisions in Canada? 

A. Pembina Trails School Division began its International Student Program in 1995, making it the longest-running program in the province of Manitoba. We have gathered a great wealth of experience during these years. Our program has grown each year and so has our infrastructure and the services that we offer to our students. We have a full time “Activities Facilitator” in our program, which is fairly unique among programs in Canada. We feel it is important to enhance our students’ study abroad experience by offering cultural activities as part of our program. Please take a look at the Activities tab to learn more about the activities we have planned for this year. You can also read the Event News here.

Q. I'm a parent and have some questions about what life will by like for my son or daughter in Winnipeg. Where can I find answers to my questions? 

A. Please read our Parent FAQ to find out answers to common questions regarding your child's time in Winnipeg.

Q. I'm interested in playing hockey while studying at a school in the Pembina Trails School Division. Where can I find information on joining a hockey team? 

A. Please read our Hockey FAQ to find out everything you need to know about playing hockey in the school division.

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