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Who We Are

Pembina Trails School Division is a public school division governed by an elected Board of Trustees. There are 34 schools in the Pembina Trails School Division providing service for students in kindergarten to grade 12. The grades in each school represent an Early Years (K - grade 4), Middle Years (grades 5 - 8) and Senior Years (grades 9 - 12) format. Some of our schools are French Immersion which means the students have the option of their classes being taught in the French language. All 34 schools can accept international students. The schools cover a large geographic area in the southwest corner of the City of Winnipeg.


"My English was not the greatest, but the teachers tried their best to help me. Everyday at lunch you can find them and ask questions. They will do whatever they can. When you get stuck, they will still take the time to explain it to you again. I love them." Bowen from China

All schools teach government-approved curricula and all schools are staffed with government-certified teachers. Each school has a gym and other sporting facilities that support a strong physical education program. Theaters, art studios, dance studios and band rooms are also available for those students interested in the fine arts. We also have technology and industrial arts facilities (e.g. woodworking, metalworking, electronics) for those students who enjoy "hands-on" courses.


"There are so many things to do that I can't do in Germany: drama, rugby, hockey, and the school band program for instance. One can feel the incredible Canadian spirit and the love they have for their country and schools ... go Titans!" Andrea from Germany

All schools have libraries and computer labs. Pembina Trails School Division takes great pride in its IT Department and use of technology in the classroom. Please take a look at our List of Schools to access the homepages of all schools in Pembina Trails School Division.


"I never really stopped to think that I could reach the level of independence that I have. This exchange helps to develop yourself and be who you are. You learn about friendship, family and even love. It's the opportunity to open your mind and understand a little bit more of what life is." Silvia from Brazil

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