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The Laidlaw band program is made up of three ensembles, Grade 6, 7, and 8 Band. Occasionally, classes are combined to create larger ensembles for performances. Throughout the year, students in the band program have the opportunity to perform in school concerts and festivals, work with guest clinicians and teachers, and enjoy performances from more experienced musicians. Band students make music every day by practicing technique exercises, learning melodies by ear, and learning a variety of band repertoire.


(A prerequisite for Gr. 7 Band is the successful completion of Gr. 6 Band)

The goals of the band program are to assist the student in the development of: 

  1. Instrumental Technique  -  The student will develop skills on his or her individual instrument, through both large and small group instruction.  These skills include fingering patterns, breathing techniques, instrument care, etc.
  2. Reading Skills  -  The band members learn to read a single line of music, which must be woven into the texture of the entire concert band instrumentation.  This important musical skill will develop musical independence.
  3. Intonation  -  The students learn to tune their individual instruments to concert pitch both aurally and by using tuning devices.  They also develop their sense of intonation by learning to listen keenly to the choral structure of the entire ensemble.
  4. Performance Skills  -  The band members acquire the ability to successfully perform in a group by co-operating, playing to a common pulse and tempo, displaying sensitivity to dynamics, etc.
  5. Study and Preparation Skills  -  The students are exposed to a variety of music, such as symphonic band literature, marches, original band compositions, etc.  They are expected to practice their individual music at home on a regular basis.

While achieving the goals listed above, the students will also have developed many skills which will contribute to their well-being, such as self-discipline, personal commitment, commitment to a group effort, performing in public, and effective use of leisure time.  The band experience provides an excellent opportunity for the development of a strong peer group in a productive and positive atmosphere.


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