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About Us


We are a K-8 school nestled in a park-like environment in the heart of Tuxedo. Kindergarten classes are held in the morning. We embrace a multi-age philosophy in our grade 1-6 classrooms. Grade 7 & 8 classes are organized by grade level. We offer a variety of specialist taught courses at all grade levels including Phys. Ed for K-8, Music for K-4, Band for 5-8, Art for 5-8, French for 5-8 and Practical Arts for 7-8. In grade 8 we work in partnership with the RINK to provide a R1 hockey program. Students in this grade 8 program attend the RINK from 7-9:30am and are bussed to Laidlaw to continue their day in their academic programming. 

In 2020-21 we were nominated to be a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) school. This pedagogical approach is embedded into programming at every grade. We have a STEM lab that enables students to have access to equipment that promotes STEM which includes but is not limited to: a CNC machine, 3 x 3D printers, green screens and camera's. This program is supported by a teacher who provides professional development to teachers and provides direct instruction to students at every level. 

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