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How To Register for Grades 1-8

Grades 1 Through 8 Registration Information:

Registration Process:

To register your child, please complete a Registration Form and email to the school address found at the bottom of this page. The following documentation must be attached to complete the registration process:

  • Your child's birth certificate
  • Proof of residency (e.g. lease agreement, mortgage documents or utility bills)
  • Your child's 9 digit personal Manitoba Health information (9 digit personal identification number)
  • Name and phone number of an emergency contact
  • Parent/guardian home and work phone numbers

If you are applying for the R1 program in grade 7/8 please still ensure that you read which situation applies to you below - within catchment, schools of choice in division or out of division. You need to follow the same process as below. However, the required application date is at the latest April 30, 2023. 


A)   Within Catchment.  Complete school registration forms (see Useful Links below). 

  • Provide proof of guardianship. (Birth Certificate, legal guardianship letter, court documents, etc.) 
  • Provide proof of residency. (Lease Agreement, Mortgage/Lease papers, Home Purchase Agreement, Manitoba Hydro bill, etc.) 
  • Provide a copy of the student’s most recent report card. 

B)   School of Choice 

  • If you wish to attend a school not in your catchment area or if you are from another division, you may apply to attend another school. Please visit our School of Choice guidelines and application forms.
  • Accepted SOC students are not eligible for bussing 

 C)   Permanent Resident 

  • Everything from Option A.
  • Must bring in landing documents (parents & students) to the school for copying for student file and processing by our division office  
  • Must bring in Permanent Resident card for copying (if applicable) 
  • Everything from Option B only if applying as School of Choice.

D)   All Other Newcomers to Canada (Visa, ISP, Refugee, etc.) 

If you are new to the country and are NOT a Permanent Resident of Canada, please contact Ms. Donna Gray at the Pembina Trails School Division International Student Program’s (ISP) Office for verification (  Please send her the following documents in PDF format (only):

  • All passports for your family
  • all Work, Study and Visitor Permits
  • Letter of acceptance and / or job offer
  • Rental agreement or a utility bill (MB Hydro, Winnipeg Water, or cable) that proves your address
  • Child(ren)'s birth certificate


When the verification process is complete, the ISP office will provide the school office with Verification of Status Documents. The name of the school in your area (based on your address) will be stated.  Subsequently, someone from your school will be in contact with you with further information about your child’s start at school.

To see which school is in your catchment area please check your address on our school locator.  

A school staff member will contact you to complete your school application.  Please click on the school link and follow the directions.

Upon completion and receipt of your application, the school will contact you with further information for your child(ren)’s start of school.


If your child has any medical needs or concerns (nut allergy, asthma, epi-pen, etc.) please clearly indicate the health concern on the registration form and check with one of the school secretaries to ensure the necessary medical papers are prepared before your child starts school.  If medication or medical treatment is required, we may request that an authorization form be completed by your doctor.


If your child lives within the catchment area of your school in K-6 but farther than 1.6 kilometers from the school, you may be entitled to bus service. Information regarding transportation is available by contacting the Transportation Department.

Submitting Your Application:

Please email your appropriate registration form and supporting documents to You are also welcome to print, sign and return a paper copy of the forms to the Laidlaw office in person or by mail. If you are unable to print the forms, you can come to the school to pick up a registration package. 


A school office staff member will contact you to process your school application and provide you with further information for your child(ren)’s start of school.

Registrations Throughout the School Year:

For registrations throughout the school year, please contact the Laidlaw school office directly at After contacting the office, complete the appropriate registration forms and provide the supporting documents. An appointment will be made to meet a member of the school team, tour the school and we will provide you with all the relevant information for a successful transition. 

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