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Specialized Programs

At Laidlaw School we offer a variety of specialized programming, including Home Reading, Summer Reading, Reading Recovery, Practical Arts, Roots of Empathy, Speech & Language Therapy, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

Home Reading Program:

This is customized based upon student needs.  Teachers draw from a specific home reading library to select books that support individual reading needs.

Summer Reading Program:

The teacher-librarian and resource teacher facilitate a Summer Reading Program as well as "good fit" books throughout the year.  Classroom teachers model effective strategies in balanced literacy programs to help students develop their fluency, accuracy and comprehension.

Reading Recovery Program:

Reading Recovery is a short term intervention designed to assist children during their grade 1 year in learning to read and write. The child comes to the Trained Reading Recovery teacher for a 30 minute lesson each day during the regular school day for a little extra support.

Reading Recovery is done in partnership with the home so that there is a 15 minute home practice to allow the student to share with their family what they have read successfully during the lesson and to demonstrate their written work.

Reading Recovery was started by Dame Marie Clay in New Zealand and has been successfully implemented around the world in several languages since 1984.

For extra internet information on Reading Recovery see RRCNA or CIRR.

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