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CTV Morning Live visits Laidlaw for "I love to read"

Laidlaw School was visited by CTV Morning Live on Friday to help promote “I love to read” month.

Big-time thanks to William Victoria, Heather Eby, Kim McGregor, Michelle Carlos, Ainsley McPhail, Joseph Bernacki, CTV Winnipeg and all the students who woke up early to help with the show.

Your combined efforts helped educate Winnipeggers about the many joys and benefits of reading.

Watch all five segments by clicking on the links below:

Principal Heather Eby talks about the importance of reading

Michelle Carlos discusses the many benefits of reading

Teacher/Librarian Kim McGregor and students Mariia and Carol talk about the castle quest

Arvind, Ava and Sahasra take host Ainsley on a ‘story walk’

Laidlaw TV’s Mir, Alina, Zlata, Kamilla and Sahasra get a surprise guest


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