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Welcome to the Agent Page of our website. We trust that you will find this page helpful in learning more about the Pembina Trails School Division and how to apply to become a recruiter for our International Student Program.

The Pembina Trails School Division is a public school division that is located in the ‘university district’ of the City of Winnipeg, which creates a strong academic learning environment for our students. We are proud to offer the longest-running (since 1995) and one of the largest international student programs in central Canada for students 5 to 18 years of age. Please take note that students must be a minimum age of 12 years to be considered for our Homestay Program. Also note that Pembina Trails manages its own Homestay Program. We do not contract out. All Homestay staff are Pembina Trails’ employees and they all share office space in the International Student Program General Office.

Our enrolment of international students has grown from a modest number of 10 in 1995 to our current number of more than 200 students. We are proud of the more than 20 countries represented by our international student population and are equally proud of the agencies and their staff who help us to meet our recruitment goals each year. Our growth in enrolment and the quality of agents with whom we work reflect some great partnerships.
Our high schools rank high in national academic competitions and in the number of scholarships received each year by our graduating students. We take special pride in the support we are able to provide our international students, with emphasis on our Homestay Program. We also place great emphasis on the ‘cultural’ component of our program. We employ a full time ‘Activities Facilitator’ who plans and implements a wide variety of cultural activities throughout the year for our students, with an emphasis on ‘Winter’. Our goal is to have each student enjoy a true Canadian experience in the heart of Canada – Winnipeg!
Pembina Trails feels that it is very important to support the recruitment efforts of our agents each year. To that end, we do our best to support the recruitment opportunities offered by our agents such as advertising in their publications and websites, and attending their student recruitment fairs. We are also very pleased to visit our agencies in their home countries and meet with their staff to provide seminars and updates about our program.

Pembina Trails School Division requires each agency to complete our Recruitment Agreement and Agent Profile documents before they can be considered by our program. Once both documents are completed they can be forwarded by email to our Director Tess Cordeiro at for consideration and final approval.

Please note that all agencies in Canada that provide third party representation or advice for consideration (payment or some form of compensation), or offering to do so must be accredited as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) and must be registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Registry Council (ICCRC), or be lawyers in good standing. You will be asked to provide your ICCRC number on the Recruitment Agreement if this pertains to you.

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