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Who We Are


Mission Statement

Chancellor School is dedicated to learning in a safe, caring environment.

At Chancellor School, we believe:

  • in maximizing individual potential academically, socially, physically and emotionally
  • that students, staff, parents and community are partners in learning
  • that every person has the right to be treated with respect
  • in creating a learning environment that is physically and emotionally safe and inclusive
  • in the importance of promoting lifelong learning

We are a community of learners that have come from all around the world!

Our current professional staff includes classroom teachers, subject specialists in French, music and physical education, and a teacher librarian. Student support services include Resource, EAL and Reading Recovery teachers as well as a counsellor.

We have educational assistants working collaboratively with teachers to support student learning, a library technician, two administrative secretaries and two custodians. As a dedicated staff, we collaborate to provide a school climate in which students, staff and parents work together with a focus on learning in a safe, caring school. We follow the four keystones of our Respect Agreements:

          1. We speak respectfully.

          2. We include everyone.

          3. We listen to others.

          4. We play safely.

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