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Safe School Protocol


As part of our health program, students are taught strategies for personal safety such as travelling with a buddy, knowing emergency information such as contact phone number and address, and avoiding interactions with strangers.  Parents may wish to reinforce these strategies along with those valued in the home with children as a new school year begins.

We are required to review emergency protocols each school year as part of our emergency preparedness and response planning. Fire drill procedures will be practiced ten times during the school year. Twice during the school year, in the fall and spring terms,  we will be reviewing  our lockdown practices and tornado drill. Lockdown is a procedure used when it is determined that students would be safest remaining within the building, with an adult in a safe/secure location. During the drill, students practice remaining quiet, calm and still once in their designated location. Students will follow teacher direction if evacuation is the safest decision. The purpose of the drill is not to alarm students but rather to ensure that everybody knows what to do in the necessity of a lockdown.  The dates of the lockdown drills will be November 16 and April 25. Tornado drills are also part of our emergency preparedness and will be reviewed and practiced once in the fall and again in the spring.



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