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Life Skills

The mission of the Life Skills program is to help students become functioning members of their community, while knowing and growing with their peers at Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate.

Life skills combines academic goals with daily living and work skills necessary for students to participate as independently as possible in their community. Each student has an Individualized Transition Plan (ITP). An ITP designates the specific learning plan for each student during the school year. A student's academics are enhanced with life skills and necessary topics such as street safety, social skills, etiquette and interacting positively with each other. The intent is to assure each student is prepared for life after high school. The classroom is led by a certified Special Education Teacher. Additionally, educational assistants help the students with their day. Speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social work services are provided on a case by case basis as determined by the ITP. Additionally, work experience is provided by a Career and Community Services Teacher.

Philosophy of the Life-Skills Program:

The philosophy of the Life-Skills program within Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate is to:

  • Develop skills that will assist students to interact with their environment as independently as possible.
  • Develop skills which are necessary for students to become contributing members of society.
  • Develop skills within the student that fosters a sense of dignity, self-confidence and humour.

Beneficial Components of the Life-Skills Program:

  1. Functional academics: literacy, numeracy and inclusion in a variety of classes with all Vincent Massey students
  2. Communication skills: augmentative communication
  3. Physiotherapy and physical health: yoga, swimming, Special Olympic Team(s)
  4. Personal management skills
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. Independent skills
  7. Social skills: peer friendships and role models
  8. Pre-vocational skills
  9. Vocational skills: work experience program
  10. Activities of daily living: cooking, bus training, street safety
  11. Community volunteering: Salvation Army Kettle Bell, ALS Tree Forest, Winnipeg Harvest
  12. Music and dance
  13. Increased appreciation and acceptance of individual differences
  14. Prepares all students for adult life in an inclusive society

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