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Standard of Behaviour

The Standard of Behaviour is a teaching model rather than a mandate for behaviour. The emphasis is on teaching rather than telling, nurturing rather than sanctioning and including rather than excluding.

Developed by a broad cross-section of the community, the objective of our Standard of Behaviour is to ensure to the fullest extent possible, the provision of a “safe and caring community” for all involved with the Pembina Trails School Division.

Emotional, mental and physical safety are fundamental for the provision of safe, caring and inclusive school communities, and refer to a classroom or school environment in which students can experience a sense of value, belonging, acceptance, respect and dignity for diversity of all members of learning communities, including students and staff, along with their families.

We ask families to sign-off annually on having reviewed the Standard of Behaviour prior to the start of the school year and to Policy JIC.

We have also attached "Fair Notice" documents to address specific issues that can, at times, present themselves.  Specific "Fair Notice" documennts address hazing, prank day, and vaping.  The first two are especially important for Gr. 12 students to read.  These are addressed with students at grade level assemblies at the start of each semester.

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