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Sports and Arts School

Sports and Arts School

The Sports and Arts School plays a valuable role in a student/athlete's life as the demands placed on a student/athlete at this very crucial time in their development are many, and balancing these demands is extremely difficult.

The Sports and Arts School allows students/athletes to achieve both performance and personal success. Flexible scheduling of their academic classes around their intense training hours ensures that they are getting their core education classes while maintaining their weekly training hours.

The Teacher Advisor within the program is a liaison with the students and the classroom teachers, advocating on their behalf for rescheduling of tests or advance homework assignments in the case of long absences away from school.

The Sports and Arts School will be entering its twentieth year for the 2023-2024 fall school term. Nearly 400 athletes/students have participated in the program since its inception and excelled in both their academic and sporting careers.

Application is online through the Canadian Sport Centre of Manitoba website. Applications are open as of January prior to each school year. Students must apply to not only the Canadian Sport Centre of Manitoba but also put in an application to Institut collégial Vincent Massey Collegiate.

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