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Physical Education


To complete the Physical Education and Health requirements, students must complete 3 (4 for FI students) courses in grades 10-12.

In grade 10, all students will take a course that combines activity and health components.

In grade 11, students can choose from 75-25 Physical Education or opt to take one of our sport based academies (volleyball, basketball and football). In grade 12, students can choose from the 75-25 course or apply to take the 50-50 course. Applicants for the 50-50 course must receive approval form their grade 11 Physical Education teacher. Other options in grade 12 include: Volleyball, Basketball and Football Academy. As well, students can opt to take Female Fitness or Male Fitness.

In grade 11 and 12 (75-25 and 50-50), students will have the opportunity to complete their activity blocks both in school and during outside (optional) blocks throughout the semester.

Academy students will complete their credit in school by studying a number of different theory and technical components related to the stream in which they have chosen.

All course work must be completed within the semester in which the student is registered for Physical Education.

The goal of the Physical Education Department is to maximize the opportunity that students have in trying new and familiar activities. Students may select activities by interest in the hope that a healthy, active lifestyle is the result.

Students can complete their Physical Activity Log by following the related link.

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