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Peer Tutoring

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Fill out the above form and send it to Ms. Smith ( or through Edsby.

Paper copies can also be found outside room 130 on the bulletin board. Fill it out, scan the form, and send it to Ms. Smith.

 **Please scan the form and DO NOT send pictures of the form. (Not sure how? Try "Microsoft Office Lens - PDF Scanner" (linked to or iPhone "Notes" app)

ICVMC Peer Tutoring is a program to encourage students helping students toward personal academic success!

In the spirit of the UNESCO community, students at Institut Collegial Vincent Massey Collegiate volunteer to assist other students in developing academic skills and reaching their personal education goals.

The tutoring program has been designed to support and offer guidance, to both tutor and tutee, in the area of peer tutoring. Peer tutors are offered training in the area of leadership, learning styles, teaching strategies, and communication.

Who can become a Peer Tutor?

Any student attending Vincent Massey who has a strong understanding of subject material along with good communication skills. Tutors do NOT need to be experts in any subject but have a willingness to patiently share their own understanding of the subject material. Each school year, Peer Tutor Training sessions are offered to help tutors gain a better sense of expectations and responsibilities associated with peer tutoring at Vincent Massey. The Peer Tutor Supervisor is always available to support tutors and ensure everyone has a positive experience in the program.

Why should I become a Peer Tutor?

Peer tutoring is an opportunity to help your peers with their understanding of subject material and improve their confidence. In addition to contributing to a supportive school community and the positive return of helping others, peer tutoring offers:

  • The chance to improve the Peer Tutor’s own knowledge of the subject;
  • The collection of volunteering hours used for volunteer credit, post-secondary, scholarships, and job applications; and
  • The opportunity to gain references for post-secondary, scholarships, and job applications.



As a Peer Tutor, what is the time commitment to tutoring?

You can commit to helping others as often as you are able to. You can control your schedule. If you have the time, you may tutor 2-3 times per week. If you are busy, you can put tutoring on hold. However, once a commitment to a Tutee is made, Tutors should make every effort to honour that commitment.

Who is Peer Tutoring for?

Peer tutoring is available to all students attending Vincent Massey. Depending on individual tutee needs and expectations, peer tutoring may be a great option for student support. Please discuss this with your classroom teacher or the Peer Tutor Supervisor if you are unsure.

Peer Tutor Pairings are intended for long-term support throughout the duration of the course. If students are interested, they should fill out the Peer Tutee Form.

One-time Drop-in Help is sometimes available in certain subjects if students are not looking for long-term help. Students do not need to fill out a form. They can see the Peer Tutor Supervisor for more information or check out posted announcements regarding these opportunities.

When and where does Peer Tutoring take place?

Peer tutoring times vary throughout the day between 7:30am and 4:30pm depending on subject area and availability of both tutor and tutee. Tutoring sessions are typically one hour in length.

Over the lunch hour, tutoring sessions take place in room 130.

All other periods during the school day, before school, or after school, tutoring sessions are arranged in other available classroom spaces by the tutoring supervisor.

What subjects can I get Peer Tutoring help with?

Subject support is available in all subjects and grade levels. Tutoring is available in both French and English language-based courses. Students speaking other first languages can make the request, however, if students are working to improve either their English or French speaking skills, they are encouraged to seek tutoring in those languages.

As a Tutee, how often can I get tutoring help? You can request as much or as little help as you require. Depending on tutor availability, we will attempt to meet your needs. Students needing help should be aware that a regular commitment may be required depending on their individual needs and academic goals. Tutoring expectations should always be discussed with the Peer Tutor Supervisor before booking a long-term peer tutor.

Supervising Teachers: Ms. Smith To get more information, visit Ms. Smith Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday between 12:00 - 12:45 pm Room 130

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