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Student Council

Student Council aims to maximize student involvement in their Oak Park experience. There are many areas where students can become involved. Please contact your representatives below if you would like to get involved!

Student Council Executive:

Co-Presidents: Abby Redmond and Geno Vanderwert

Secretary Treasurer: Cassie Hallson

Staff Advisors: R. Anderson

Athletics Committee:

Location: Gym
Student Council Reps: 
Staff Advisor: J. Lundgren and H. Miko

Climate Action Committee:

Location: Forum
Student Council Reps: Grace Carey and Emily Taylor
Staff Advisor: R. Comeau and M. Jones

Fine Arts Committee:

Location: Room 115
Student Council Reps:
Staff Advisor: D. Fraser

Graduation Committee:

Location: Room 122
Student Council Reps: 
Staff Advisors:  D. Jones 

Medicine Wheel Committee:

Location: Room 213
Student Council Reps: 
Staff Advisor: D. Klapak and R. Anderson

Oak Park Pulse:

Location: Room TBA
Student Council Reps: Sophia Andrusco and Rylee Neill
Staff Advisor: M. Nordman

OP Gear:

Location: Forum
Student Council Reps: 
Staff Advisor: H. Eldridge

OPTIC (Oak Park Togetherness and Inclusivity) Committee:

Location: Library Learning Commons
Student Council Reps: 
Staff Advisor: 

  • GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance)
    • Location: Theatre

    • Staff Advisor:
  • ISP (International Student Program) 
    • Location: Room 120
    • TBA
    • Staff Advisor: K. Martin

Philanthropy Committee:                                                                       

Location: Room 201                                                                          
Student Council Reps: Amilia Petryk and Kate Sawyer        
Staff Advisor: J. Palmer    

Social Committee:

Location: Room 121
Student Council Reps: Uma Bains and Chloe Reynolds
Staff Advisor:  J. Logeot                                                                                                                        

Sources of Strength

Location: Room TBA
Student Council Reps: Paige Andrusko and Romina Mazhari Ravesh
Staff Advisors: B. McGonigal, B. Fowler and G. Chappelaz

Special Events

Location: Room TBA
Student Council Reps: Abby Shotton and Brooke Thomson
Staff Advisors: K. Hudson and H. Miko

Tech Committee:

Location: Room TBA
Student Council Reps: Nicole Lavallée and Cameron Griffiths
Staff Advisor: J. McLellan

Yearbook Committee: 

Location: Room 202 Thursdays                                                                    
Student Council Reps: Lindsay LeRoux and Sarah Krawat
Staff Advisor: V. Pearase

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