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Graduation Requirements

Senior Years Graduation Requirements:

Manitoba Education requires that students meet minimum criteria to be eligible for graduation. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credits across their Senior Years. Starting September 2024 all incoming grade 9 French Immersion students will be required to earn 15 french credits.

Students must complete all of the compulsory credits. A minimum of one grade 11 and two grade 12 credits must be earned from the available optional courses.

A maximum of 11 School Initiated Courses (SICs) and 3 Student Initiated Projects (SIPs) can be used to meet the requirements for graduation. For more information on senior years graduation requirements go to to view the document “Focus on the Future a Parent and Student Guide to Senior Years Graduation Requirements.

English Language Program Compulsory Credits:

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
English Language Arts10F20F30S40S
Transitional Math10F


Social Studies10F

Reading is Thinking10F

Geography: North American

History: Canadian

Physical Education10F20G30F40F

French Language Program Compulsory Credits:

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
English Language Arts10F20F30S40S

Sciences de la nature10F20F

Sciences humaines10G

Géographie du Canada

Histoire du Canada

Éducation physique10G20G30F40F

Performance Recognition:

At Oak Park, we feel it is important to recognize the performance of our students in both curricular and extracurricular activities. Consequently, we have in place a very comprehensive system of recognition to acknowledge academic achievement as well as contributions to our extracurricular programming. We include Grade 9, 10 and 11 Academic Honour certificates, Academic Honours diplomas at Convocation, Top Academic awards at each grade level, an overall Top Academic award, committee/club awards, music awards and athletic awards.

Honours (Grades 9-12):

To receive an Honours Certificate, students must have at least an 80% average in courses completed in a particular academic year.  Honours Certificates will be distributed in the fall for Grades 9-11 students and mailed home in July for graduated students.

Academic Excellence Award (Grades 9-12):

Students who earn an average of at least 95% in courses completed in a particular academic year (at least one course must be a compulsory course) will be presented with a certificate and medal at the Awards Night ceremony to recognize this outstanding achievement. 

Graduating With Distinction:

Students will be recognized with cords worn during Convocation. This distinction is based on the Governor General criteria which is an average that includes all 30 and 40 level courses as listed on the student’s official transcript.

Cum Laude (silver cord):  Overall average of at least 80%.

Magna Cum Laude (gold cord):  Overall average of at least 90%. 


School based, divisional, university and community initiated scholarships are available. Detailed information on awards and scholarships is available from Student Services.


Students will receive additional recognition on their diploma depending upon the number of courses they have completed in French Immersion. 

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