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All active students are able to receive transcripts free of charge.

With respect to senior years students who are:

One to ten years beyond the year of exit:

  • Student are to request a copy of their transcript copy at the office.

  • The transcript will be available within three business days of the request being made.

  • There is a charge of $5.00 per transcript.

  • The student should produce identification for in person requests, and be prepared to answer an identification question if requesting by phone or email (e.g. DOB, previous address, etc.)

Ten years or greater beyond the year of exit:

  • Requests should be made to Records Management at the Pembina Trails School Division Board office to determine the location of the requested file.  A search will be required because over time processes have changed and there are a variety of locations of less recent files.  

  • Records Management will provide this information to former students where available, within five business days of the request being made.

  • At times, it will be necessary to direct the student to a third party, as some records will reside at the Department. This information would also be provided within five business days.

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