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Reports and Plans

Tri-Conferences and Report Cards:

During the school year, all K-6 Oakenwald School students participate in two tri-conferences: one in October, and one in February. Grades 1 to 6 students receive a report card at the end of each of three terms in November, March and June. Kindergarten students receive a report card once at the end of the year (in June).

A tri-conference is a conversation scheduled by the teacher to include the student and one or both parents.  The triad - teacher, student, and parent are all expected to contribute to the dialogue.

Purpose and Sample Format for Tri-Conferences:
The typical tri-conference begins with an appropriate welcoming activity, after which students proceed through a structured sharing process with their parents which begins with the sharing of goals or learning targets which have been a focus in the classroom.  This may include a demonstration of learning activities such as participating in a math game or viewing student work. As students come to the end of their sharing, teachers will join the conversation to share specific comments and observations about the child’s learning and to listen to the parents and child’s  observations. Together student, teacher and parent will draw out specific goals and timelines. Follow-up communication processes may also be established at that time.
Roles and Responsibilities of Tri-Conferences: 

Students demonstrate what they know and have learned as they share their accomplishments and set new learning goals.

Parents find out about their child’s learning, have the opportunities to ask questions and express their ideas, and help make plans to support their child’s learning at home.

Teachers facilitate the three way conversations.  They support students and parents by clarifying, elaborating and responding to specific questions and concerns.

Community Report:

Click here to access our annual Community Report.

School Plan:

We will continue with our school plan from last year, adjusting the plan to ensure we meet all Public Health pandemic protocols.

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