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Physical Education

At Oakenwald School our physical education program looks to guide all of our students K to 6 through their own physical literacy journey. Our physical education program helps prepares students to become active, caring citizens by building on the movement, fitness and social skills needed to navigate the world around them.

students at Oakenwald enjoy regular physical education classes. These purposely
structured, interactive classes are 30 minutes in length for students in grades
1 to 6 and 15 minutes in length for kindergarten classes. This scheduled
physical education time is separate from the three outdoor recess times, where
the students enjoy free play. This allows children to develop physical literacy
skills while experiencing the world around them.

School actively participates in the PTAA (Pembina Trails Athletic Association).
Throughout the school year all students in grades 4 to 6 will have the
opportunity to develop skills and compete in a variety of co-curricular sports
against the other schools in our division. These include activities such as volleyball,
basketball and cross-country running.

students also have opportunities to participate in a variety of co-curricular
intramural programming. This includes drop in activities, game days and
tournaments. These opportunities are currently available to students in grades
4 to 6. New opportunities will continue to come up throughout the year, so stay

You are
sure to have HOOT when you come to the Oakenwald gym. Go Owls!

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