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From Manitoba Education and Training curriculum:

"The Kindergarten to Grade 12 Mathematics curriculum is designed to support and promote the understanding that mathematics is:

  • a way of learning about our world
  • part of our daily lives
  • both quantitative and geometric in nature, with both aspects being equally important in the development of mathematical literacy.

In addition, mathematics and its study encourages the development of:

  • creative thinking
  • logical thinking
  • problem-solving skills
  • data analysis skills
  • co-operative interaction."

At Oakenwald School, we have numeracy block time to allow for cross grade mathematics opportunities. A key component of our approach to teaching mathematics is balancing knowledge and skills (basic math facts) with problem solving and analysis. Many teachers use a guided math or Daily 3 approach. For more information about Manitoba's Mathematics curriculum, basic math facts, guided mathematics or the Daily 3 approach, please click on the links at the right.

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