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Character Education


The mission of Oakenwald School is "learning for life in a safe, caring place". A cornerstone of our education planning involves character education. Embedded in everything we do and say are our simple three school rules of Kindness, Cooperation and Respect.

At the beginning of every school year, individual classes take time to create a classroom agreement together. Using age-appropriate language, students and their classroom teacher talk about what learning together in their class looks like, sounds like and feels like. A formal poster of the agreement is created, signed by each student and teacher, and posted in the classroom. This agreement is referred to throughout the year to help with problem solving and difficult situations. Examples of agreements can be seen in the pictures to the right.

During the school year, typically in health class, specific character education and safety lessons are taught by classroom teachers, our counselor, and our physical education teacher. Topics can include safety in the school and on the playground, internet safety, social skills like turn taking in games and conversations, and how to solve a problem together. Early years teachers use Kelso's Choice lessons and approach for social skills, pictured at the right. All teachers use the Kids In The Know (KITK) safety lessons. Click the link on the right for information on KITK.

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