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Student Activities


Oakenwald School has many student activities embedded within regular course work for our kindergarten to grade 6 students. Field trips and outdoor classroom spaces allow our students to learn in and from the environment and venues around our school. Many activities are also offered as extracurricular opportunities before school, during lunch time and after school. Opportunities change depending on the season and on staff and student interest levels. Some activities we have offered include:

Music Activities:
Recorder Club (grades 4-6); Choir (grades 1-6); Winter Concert (all grades)

Sports Activities:
Terry Fox Run (all grades); Track and Field (grades 4-6); Cross Country Meets (grades 4-6); Marathon Run Club (grades 3-6); Volleyball (grade 6); Basketball (grade 6); Early Morning Games (grades 4-6); Jump Rope for Heart (all grades)

Language Activities:
I Love To Read Month (all grades); French Club (grades 4-6)

Arts and Makerspace Activities:
"Artist In The School" week (all grades); Drawing Club (grades 1-6); Knitting Club (all grades); Garden Club (all grades)

Leadership Activities:
WE Day (grade 6); Reading Buddies (all grades); Family Groups (all grades)

Community Connections:
Children's Wish Foundation fundraising breakfast (all grades); Bus Ridership (all grades); Winnipeg Harvest food hamper packing (grades 5-6); Siloam Mission outerwear collection (all grades)

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