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About Us


General Byng School is a safe and caring kindergarten through grade 9 community school nestled in North Fort Garry. General Byng is part of the Pembina Trails School Division and is proud to be serving our North Fort Garry community for the past 55 years. General Byng School is fortunate to receive students from both Oakenwald and Ralph Maybank schools for their grades 7 to 9.

General Byng runs a balanced school day. A balanced school day is a reorganization of time in the school day which allows for three 90-minute learning blocks and two nutrition and activity breaks throughout the day. The current research outlining the benefits of this school day is as follows: 

  • Brain research supports a balance of learning, physical activity and nutrition throughout the day 
  • Improved Academic Performance - students who are nutritionally satisfied and who are physically active demonstrate improved  concentration and increased energy 
  • Nutritionists indicate that children need frequent food breaks each day which promotes balanced nutrition 
  • Schedule provides two 1/2-hour opportunities for active play for all students Grades 1 - 9 
  • Meeting time fosters relationships with homeroom teachers and peers 
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle 
  • Time for Learning 
    • Three significant teaching blocks 
    • Less interruptions entering/exiting classrooms 
    • Increased opportunity for uninterrupted literacy and numeracy blocks 

We hope you find our site useful and informative. Should you require more information please contact us at 204.452.3040.

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