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Foods and Nutrition


In this course, students explore a variety of methods and techniques involved with food preparation while learning about the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. The course is divided into three main scopes: The individual and food needs, the consumer and food, and the preparation and service of food. 

There are 2 streams for this course. Grade 8 students complete the course as an exploration, spending 90 minutes per school cycle for about 6 weeks. Grade 9 students can chose this course as a 1.0 credit option. These students spend 3 hours every school cycle in the course; 1.5 hours are spent in the lab, and 1.5 hours are spent studying the theory behind foods and nutrition. 

Students have the opportunity to practice teamwork, social skills and cooperative learning as much of our lab work is group-based. Our hope is that students will walk away with the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices when purchasing and preparing meals at home. 

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