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Notes From The Music Room

The music program at General Byng school is based on Orff approach. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 are exposed to a variety of music learning activities: singing, movement, and playing pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. Students in Grade 3 to 6 are playing soprano recorders and ukuleles. 

Process of learning, performing, and making music helps students to become more creative and to generate new ideas in music, to improvise and to compose. Students also listen to a variety of music from different times, places, and cultures. They reflect, analyze, and discuss music: its elements and purpose.

Students can also join our extracurricular music activities: choir and ukulele club. Grade 3-6 choir is learning and performing songs at different events like Winnipeg Music Festival, Remembrance Day, concerts, and assemblies. Ukulele club is taking place in Spring and is for those students who would like to progress in playing ukulele.


The General Byng Band program consists of four ensembles: grade 7, 8 and 9 band as well as a jazz ensemble open to band students in grade 8 and 9. Occasionally, groups are combined to create larger ensembles for performances or festivals. All of the bands perform throughout the year at school concerts and festivals and have the opportunity to work with guest conductors and clinicians.

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