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Grade 9

Core Subject Areas

English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Physical Education, Social Studies and Science

Full Credit (1.0) Option Courses

*Note: courses are subject to change and must meet a minimum enrollment number to run. General Byng reserves the right to change these options each school year.  

Choose three (3) of the following:


This course is about working in a student artist studio environment and acquiring the skills and knowledge to create works of art.  As students learn to generate ideas, identify and solve artistic problems with imagination and flexibility, and communicate effectively in more ways, they journey toward becoming creative, artistically literate adults, the kinds of citizens who will be able to participate in society with sensitivity, imagination, inspiration, and creativity. This course will provide opportunities to look at the work of various artists and work with a wide variety of different art materials. Students will be enriched by visits to several Winnipeg art galleries. Students will have a variety of opportunities to display their work in the school and throughout the city.


This course is designed to familiarize students with computers and their different applications. This course emphasizes a hands-on, task-oriented and skill-based curriculum.

The course may include applications and computer science concepts such as the Adobe Suite, website development and introductory coding.


The Grade 9 Concert Band option is designed to develop instrumental technique through performance. It aims to develop an understanding of the elements and structures of music necessary for musical performances, as well as unleash the creative potential in all students. By participating in band, students will learn to strive for perfection, both individually and in a group. Their self-confidence, self-discipline and cooperative skills will all be enhanced through the pursuit of music.

The Concert Band option is divided into three distinct, yet overlapping areas. In all cases, these areas are taught through the performance of music on individual band instruments:

  • Performance skills (technical skills pertinent to individual instruments of study)
  • Language of music (terminology and theory pertinent to music and individual instruments of study)
  • History of music and cultural significance (a variety of pertinent to instrumental music)


Band at the grade 7 and 8 levels or the equivalent private lesson study on a band instrument.




This course builds on the skills and experiences students have acquired in their Grade 8 Foods IA option. It is a life skill course that exposes Grade 9 students to basic nutrition choices, healthy menu planning, food preparation, sanitation and the food industry. Students have the opportunity to practice teamwork, social skills and cooperative learning as much of our lab work is group-based. Included in the course are “Cook at Home” assignments which are to be enjoyed by the whole family. Our hope is that Grade 9 students will walk away with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to make healthy choices when purchasing and preparing meals on their own. 


Grade 9 French builds on the skills and experiences students have acquired in grades 7 and 8 French. Students will develop skills in comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing French.

There are many enriching and cultural experiences that students may have the opportunity to participate in, such as a tour of St. Boniface, a visit to a French restaurant, and a haunted tour of Museum de St. Boniface. They may also have the opportunity to be “helpers” and mentors for students in the younger grades. Technology may also be integrated.

Learning a second language such as French opens a lot of doors in students’ futures. It improves their communication skills in general, and will allow them to communicate with many more people around the world. This is very beneficial in today’s society.


This activity-based course provides for growth of students as individuals and as responsible citizens.

Students will:

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for safe, comfortable outdoor experiences in all seasons.
  • Demonstrate awareness and appreciation of living things and an understanding of the basic ecological processes.
  • Demonstrate skill, judgment, confidence and sensitivity in a wide range of environmentally responsible activities in outdoor settings.
  • Develop knowledge and skills by investigating the effects of human lifestyles on environments.
  • Demonstrate understanding, respect and appreciation for others and their views.
  • Develop lifestyle strategies that will encourage responsibility for local and global environments.

Half Credit (0.5) Option Courses

Students may choose to take the following courses. These options will give them additional credit hours for their grade 9 year. 

JAZZ BAND (offered during three lunch hours per school cycle)

This course is designed to develop musicianship through the study of jazz music. Through the performance of music on standard jazz instruments (saxophone, trombone/baritone, trumpet, piano, percussion, electric and bass guitar) students will learn the elements and structure of music unique to jazz and begin to develop their creativity through improvisation.

The Jazz Band option is divided into three areas:

  • Performance skills (including improvisation)
  • Language of jazz music
  • History of jazz music and its cultural significance.

Prerequisite:  Band at the grade 7 and 8 levels or the equivalent private lesson study with jazz instrument

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