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Arts Education


The Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts curriculum are intended to support, promote and inspire the growth of all students as artistic learners as they journey towards becoming creative, artistically literate adults and citizens who will truly enrich their own lives and the lives of future communities.

Arts Education in Manitoba schools is mandatory from grades 1 to 8. The number and choice of arts subject areas offered in a school will depend upon local context. Recommended time allotments are 10 per cent of instructional time in grades 1 to 4. At École Crane, Dance and Drama are integrated subjects woven into classroom activities and Physical Education instruction.

Together, success in these learning areas gives our students the skills to empower them to express themselves and communicate visually.

At Pembina Trails, we also focus on teaching students about Indigenous art and developing their appreciation of storytelling, relationships and the seven sacred teachings.

Our arts programs address the four essential learning areas outlined by the Manitoba Visual Arts curriculum:

  • creating art and understanding art concepts and tools 
  • creative expression in art, both as a group and individually
  • understanding how art reflects and influences the world around them 
  • finding value and meaning in their own and others’ artwork

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