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Student Activities

Extracurricular clubs and activities are an integral part of the school program. Students activities provide occasions for students to experience leadership opportunities, interact with other students at different grade levels and develop new skills and talents.They offer students the opportunities to pursue an interest they may already have or the opportunity to try something new. Whether their passion lies in reading, playing an instrument, pushing themselves on the basketball court or making a difference in the community, there is something for everyone. 

  • Winnipeg Harvest - collecting food donations
  • Bucketfillers - Grade 4 students leaders
  • Hour of Code - students learn to code and more
  • Choir - mixed grade level chorale groups
  • Phys. Ed. Club - gym games for primary students
  • Library Club
  • Book Club
  • Makerspace - students create using a variety of high and low tech items
  • Intramural activities for older students
  • Cross-Country tournaments for grade 4 students
  • Recorder Club - a recorder ensemble with all the voices: bass, tenor, alto and soprano
  • Bird Watching Club - offered to grade 3 students in the spring

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