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Happiness is... Gardening!

This year, besides putting flowers in the planters in front of the school, we decided to also clean up and re-landscape the garden bed near the front steps. Our goal was not only the beautification of the front of the school but to also provide learning opportunities for our students. We selected students from every grade level to make this project come to life. Here is a summary of the steps we followed for our project:

  • Collect information about plants. Our own, Mr. Thiessen, volunteered to answer questions prepared by students so that they would be able to make a plan regarding the preparation of the garden bed and the number, types and placement of plants. 
  • Prepare the garden bed. Because there were a couple of overgrown, dying bushes, students used muscle power to remove them and some of the roots. Weeds were pulled out and fresh soil and fertilizer were added.
  • Plant and water the plants.
  • Lay down new, black mulch around the plants.

The result was a stunning transformation from scraggly and unkept to tidy and beautiful.

 A special thank you to all the parents who responded to our request for perennial plants from their own yards for this project! These generous donations helped to keep the project costs reasonable and are evidence of ongoing community support! 


Véronique Gibson and Nancy Dufort

Student Services

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