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How did École Saint Avila get its name?

Our school name dates to the establishment at the beginning of the 20th century of a rural facility along Pembina Highway called St. Avila School (vicinity of Kirkbridge Drive). The name, St. Avila District No. 1359 was given to two buildings which were known as St. Avila West at Lot 116 east of Pembina Highway and St. Avila East in King's Park. St. Avila West became a storage facility for the Fort Garry School Division and St. Avila East retained the name St. Avila School. The original school was built in 1964. The two-story area where the art room and music room are located were added on in 1968. The library and surrounding classes were added in the early 1970's.

The school name honours a member of the clergy whose name was Alphonse-Avila. During the Crusades, Alphonse de Castille conquered Avila for the Christians. In his honour, many Catholic sons were given the name Alphonse-Avila. One of these was Father Alphonse-Avila Cherrier who came to Manitoba from Québec in 1878. Father Cherrier (1849-1935) was involved in the Manitoba School Question and well known in St. Norbert as the executor of Father Ritchot's estate. He was a member of the Catholic Board of Education until 1890.

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