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French Immersion

In accordance with the provisions of the Statutes of Manitoba – P250 of the Public Schools Act, children have an opportunity to learn both French and English in Manitoba. As of September 2009, approximately 18,500 students in 101 schools were enrolled in the French Immersion Program, one of the four recognized programs of Manitoba Education.

The French Immersion Program, designed for non- Francophones, aims to develop functionally bilingual students who are able to communicate in French and English in personal and professional situations.

In Manitoba, the French Immersion Program is offered in one of two school environments:

  • the single track model in which the entire student population is enrolled in the French Immersion Program
  • the dual track model in which both English and French Immersion Programs coexist in the same school

In Pembina Trails, The French Immersion Program has one entry point:

  • Early Immersion – Kindergarten or grade 1 entry

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