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Student Services

The Student Services Team at École St. Avila works in collaboration with classroom teachers to address the needs all students, including those with exceptional learning needs.  École St. Avila offers early years literacy interventions for students in grades one and two, including Reading Recovery and IL2, a French Intervention Literacy Program for grade two students.

Resource Teacher 

A resource teacher functions as a member of the School Support Team and provides assistance to classroom teachers in meeting the educational needs of all students, including those with special needs. Resource teachers support the philosophy of inclusion and collaborate with teachers to meet the needs of all students within the classroom setting. Some responsibilities include: 

  • supporting teachers in the development and implementation of whole class instructional practices 
  • assessing individual students 
  • collaborating in the development of personalized plans for students 
  • collaborating with school-based, divisional and inter-agency personnel, as required 
  • managing cases of specific students as determined by the School Support Team 
  • providing and/or coordinating direct services for students
  • supporting the implementation of divisional/provincial initiatives

School Counsellor

The school counsellor works in collaboration with parents, teachers and divisional supports to meet the social, emotional, behavioral needs of students to maximize their learning potential. The counsellor works with students in a variety of ways; such as in classrooms, in small groups and individually. Instruction is often focused on helping children further develop skills such as; self-esteem building, conflict resolution, friendship building, restitution, listening and speaking, positive thinking, goal setting, problem solving, recognizing and expressing emotions. Additional counsellor support may also be available for students who require help in dealing with circumstances such the recent separation of their parents or death of loved one. Classroom observations and the development of Behaviour Intervention Plans are also part of the counsellor’s role. 

English as an Additional Language 

École St. Avila provides English language programming to support the development of students who are learning English as an additional language in grades K-6. EAL learners at St. Avila are integrated into regular classes with non-EAL learners. Classroom and resource teachers collaborate to support EAL learners within the classroom, however occasionally one-on-one or small groups sessions take place.

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