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Staff Contact Information

If you have a comment, question or concern, we are here to help. The staff at École Saint Avila makes every effort to address correspondence as quickly as possible.  Please feel free to call the school at 204-269-5677 to leave a message.  

Teaching StaffEmailsWebsites
Mme Christine Graff - K (AM & PM)

Mme Sylvie Jeffrey - K (AM)
Mme Lacey Bohemier - Gr.

Mme Lauren Gibson - Gr. 1

Mme Micheline Lesk - Gr.

Mme Corinne Krestanowich - Gr. 1/
Mme Bianca Maida - Gr. 1/

Mme Danielle Mulaire - Gr. 2/
Mme Jessalyn Trakalo - Gr. 2/3
Mme Erika Fizpatrick - Gr. 2/

Mme Michelle Shewchuk - Gr. 3/
Mme Simone St. Pierre - Gr. 4

Mme Ginette Desrosiers - Gr. 4/
Mme Alyssa Herkert-Allen - Gr. 5/

Mme Sarah Jaques - Gr. 5/

Mme Marie-Claude Morin - Gr. 5/6
mmorin@pembinatrails.caTeacher Website
M. Dan Mitchell - Physical
Mme Rupal Malik - Physical
M. Malcolm Somers -
Mme Tytanya Fillion - Teacher
Overdrive Library
Mme Shinjung Park- Library

Mme Candace Legault - Student Support
Mme Nicolle Lewis - Student Support
Mme Sylvie Jeffrey - K (PM) Literacy Intervention Teacher

Non Teaching Staff

Mme Marie Poirier - Educational Assistant

Mme Michelle Rampersad - Educational Assistant

Mme Denise Westra - Educational Assistant

Mme Melissa Johnson - Educational Assistant

Mme Willow Matthews -  Rehab Assistant

Mme Madelene Robb - Lunch Program
M. Venny Pescador -  Head Custodian

Mme Mel Aquino -  Evening Custodian

M. Richard Wiznoiwski - Evening Custodian

Office Staff

Lisa Lafond - Admin
Michelle Warga - Assistant Admin

Lynn Marriott - Vice-Principal / Student Support
Jennifer Rothwell -

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