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The Warming Huts is a project that is primarily about promoting physical activity in winter.   There are many features to the project that are culturally specific, but in this case art and culture are used as the great motivator to move.  The Warming Huts in and of themselves typically offer shelter from the wind and exposure to the sun, however, their greatest contribution to helping visitors on the walking, skating, biking and skiing trails is to encourage people to come and see the unique creative pieces of art.   The Huts, typically separated by several hundred feet along the trail that is normally several kilometers long, are located to inspire people to walk, skate, ski, or bike from one installation to the next and by doing so, burn calories, which in turn is converted very efficiently into heat.  And in doing this, the Warming Huts truly are warming people who visit them. (Peter Hargraves-mastermind of the Warming Hut Competition)

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