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Mme A. Morin's class helps at the Cheer Board

Mme A. Morin's grade 4/5 class volunteered at the Cheer Board packing warehouse! We dropped off donations of food and toys from the school community, then we set up on the packing line! 

Each student had a station and a job, and each item of food packed into the box had a special place. The students and parent volunteers worked hard to pack 480 boxes in one morning! 

They also learned about what Cheer Board does. Cheer Board supports families in need over the holidays by offering hampers and gifts to those families. This year, the Cheer Board will give out 14000 boxes! 

We are very proud of the students and our community for their efforts and support to help all those in need. 

Mme A. Morin's class was happy to do their part to help out! 


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