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Community Programs

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Westdale prides itself in working with the Westgrove Family Resource Center. Throughout the year, they are invited to visit Westdale's fabulous Foods Lab and Sewing Lab to create their Christmas dainties, and to do some sewing.

The Westgrove Family Resource Centre contact information is:

Unit D-76 Westgrove Way


21st Century Learning

As the impact of technology on our lives continues to evolve, we are finding a greater need to educate both students and parents/guardians in the areas of electronic devices, social media, and cyber safety. In particular, teaching appropriate use of electronic devices to students has taken on a greater importance as they are gaining access to smartphones and electronic devices at younger ages.

The purpose of this section of our website is to provide information and resources to parents/guardians in these areas so that they can support their children at home.

More information to follow...

Cyber Bullying and Social Media

The staff are continually working with students to teach, promote, and model appropriate use of social media, and electronic devices. Further, to assist us, a Winnipeg Police Service Education Officer visits all classes to discuss Cyber Safety, and a parent/guardian evening is offered on this topic. In addition, an evening presentation entitled Keeping Kids Safe, with the focus on drugs and alcohol, is offered by our education officer for parents/guardians, and students.

In Health class, the teacher also shares pertinent media information, and the school administrator and the Student Services Support Team discuss and answer student questions regarding the Electronic Communication Devices Policy, and how it might impact them, in particular, if their phone has to be confiscated for violating school/divisional policies.

As the need arises, we also recognize the importance of providing adults with some suggested resources in order to help navigate the waters when dealing with these issues.

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