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Who We Are

We are the Wildcats!

Westdale school is the home of amazing students in Grades 6-8.  Our students come together from three Early Years schools; Beaverlodge, Beaumont, and Westgrove, and we work to develop a community that makes all students proud to be Wildcats.

We pride ourselves on strong academics and laying the foundation for success in high school.  We know how important these school years are to developing and building strong citizens.  Along with academics, we also know the importance of offering a variety of diverse experiences and opportunities for our students. Westdale boasts a full size gym, metals lab, woods lab, foods lab, sewing lab, STEM lab, theatre, art room, and band space complete with sectional spaces.  We know that our students have gifts and talents that need to be nurtured.

 Our faculty is involved with extra-curricular and athletic programming that focuses on development, student voice, and leadership.  We continue to strive to connect with other schools in mentoring and mentorship opportunities and with valuable community partners.  We know that community is important in building a strong school.

School Information:

Westdale School

6720 Betsworth Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Phone #204.895.8205

Fax #204.895.0011

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