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Outside the classroom, there are many extracurricular activities available throughout the year including sports teams, musicals, spirit week(s), athletics, Science compitions and Math contests. Our athletic programs includes Inter-School and Intramural Programs. We also provide students with an opportunity to participate in winter activities via our annual Winter Activity Day in January and summer activities including Cardio Chaos and grade level activity days.

Westdale has offered a variety of extra-curricular clubs, that take place outside of the school day(including the lunch hour). and are organized by staff volunteers. Please note, our list of activities varies from year to year, based on the interest of the students and staff involved. Here is a list of some of the clubs that been offered at Westdale:

Art Club

Builder's Lab

Chess Club

Cheer and Pom Team

Christmas Hampers


Cooking Club

Craft Club

Day of Pink

Debating Club

Farewell Committee


Games Room

Indoor/Outdoor Track and Field



Library Volunteers


Math: Gauss and Pascal



Sewing Club

Spirit Club

WE Day

Yearbook Club, etc., etc.

We encourage all students to get involved in the life of the school because engaged and involved students are happy students!

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