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Specialized Programs

Human Ecology

The Human Ecology Program consists of two areas: Clothing and Textiles, and Foods and Nutrition. 

Clothing and Textiles includes safety, fabric terms, sewing equipment, basic hand sewing, sewing machine parts and use. Students will be expected to purchase their own supplies for their projects.

Foods and Nutrition includes kitchen safety, Canada Food Guide, Leader Nutrients and their function, table settings, consumer skills, and reading labels. Students are expected to have a notebook, and they will have written assignments, tests, as well as, practical assignments throughout the year, in both areas. 

Industrial Arts

The Industrial Arts Program consists of : Woodworking, Metalworking and Graphic Arts

Woodworking and Metalworking focuses on the development of basic skills with hand and power tools, as well as, introducing students to various instructional packages. These packages allow students to work through instructions at their own pace. 

Safety is the number one rule of the Woodworking and Metalworking Labs.

Graphic Arts focuses on Screen Printing, Photographic Photograms (Darkroom), Computer Apps. 

Theory includes a Safety Test, Final Test, and a notebook evaluation.


The use of technology is infused in all programs at Westdale. Students are encouraged and challenged to incorporate technology into their day-to-day assignments, and improve their technology skills, on a regular, consistent basis. Students will have the opportunity to use a brand new STEAM lab!

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