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School Supplies

General Supply List

 Westdale School provides basic supplies (pens, pencils, loose leaf, erasers) but does not provide other general supplies or gym apparel. The supplies listed in the link under Resources should serve a student’s needs for most of the year. These are the supplies that the students are expected to have on a daily basis. Students should only bring in supplies as they are needed, rather than storing all the supplies in their locker. This should prevent loss and will improve the management of the locker space. All supplies should be individually labeled.

*EAL students only are requested to purchase an English/Native Language dictionary. 

Students may have a small list of additional supplies that they need for specific classes (i.e. sheet protectors). Teachers will inform students if any other supplies are required.

Physical Education

A change of clothing is required for Physical Education. This should include:

  • t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • shorts or sweat pants
  • runners - non-marking and properly worn, no Crocs or sandals

Outdoor units require proper attire dependent on weather (e.g. toque, mitts, boots, ski pants etc.)

* Please note, aerosol deodorants/cologne/perfumes are not to be used in the school. Stick deodorants are a great way for students to stay fresh throughout the day.


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