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Pacific Junction School opened its doors in September 1987. For 29 years, the school has been a kindergarten to grade 6 school. In the fall of 2017, Pacific Junction became a kindergarten to grade 5 school.

Pacific Junction School is named after Pacific Junction Station which was located at the foot of the present day Elmhurst Road. The station was at the junction of the Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian Northern Railways.

The arrival of the first trains in 1905 to the station changed the lives of the farm families of south Charleswood who had first settled in the area in the 1880's. The station became a community focal point and the surrounding area gradually became known as Pacific Junction.

Mail arrived at the station and was dispersed at Pacific Junction Post Office, established nearby in 1912. Children in the area attended Loudoun School which was built in 1909, just south of the station.

We recognize the historical importance of the station to our community's establishment and a train is a treasured part of our school's identity.

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