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Music Education


Music is an important part of the development of the whole child. Pacific Junction School is committed to providing creative musical experiences for every child taught by a music specialist. Kindergarten students participate in music class twice per cycle for a total of 60 minutes, and grade 1 to 5 students participate 90 minutes per cycle. All kindergarten to grade 5 students perform in the holiday concert.

Through the Orff process, our students enjoy singing, movement, instrument playing and listening activities. All of our children play "Orff" barred instruments and a variety of other percussion instruments to enhance their music learning and creativity. The recorder is introduced in grade 3.

We have two school choirs: our grade 1 and 2 choir and our grade 3 - 5 choir. All students in these grades are choir members. The choirs participate annually at the Winnipeg Music Festival. They also perform at school events such as the Remembrance Day ceremony, the holiday concert and the volunteer breakfast. Many students attend the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's Adventures in Music program as audience members and performers.

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