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Parent Council

About Us:

Beaumont Parent Connect is a group that gives an opportunity to parents and members of the Beaumont School community to have a positive influence on the students’ school experience.  We work in close partnership with the Beaumont administration to support the mission statement of the school to enhance students’ success.  We are an inclusive group and invite all members of our community to participate.

 Who Are We? 

We are you! Any parent or member of the school community who wishes to participate is welcome.

What Do We Do?

We meet monthly at the school to discuss important school-related events, policies, programs and activities. Meeting dates can be found on the school calendar. Parent Connect engages in several fundraising activities including the Peak of the Market and hot lunches throughout the year. All proceeds of these fundraisers are used to support the students’ school experience. Below is an example of a few initiatives that Parent Connect has helped to support:

  • New water fountains
  • New soccer nets
  • School equipment
  • Artists and authors in the school
  • Special school activities
  • Spring Barbeque
  • Tabloid day
  • Patrols

Please contact the Parent Advisory Council at for more information.

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