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Acadia offers a vast number of extra-curricular clubs that take place outside of the school day (including the lunch hour) which are organized by staff volunteers. More detailed information will be shared during morning announcements regarding where and when each club will take place.

Please note that the list is constantly changing and we do our very best to keep it updated.

Here is a list of clubs that have been offered at Acadia:

  • Art: come and be creative
  • Chess: all skills levels welcomed
  • Debate: learn how to better make your point
  • EAL: extra help with homework and practicing English skills
  • Farewell Committee: plan the grade nine Farewell
  • Fitness
  • Game: play cards, board games or trivia games
  • Indoor/outdoor Track and Field
  • Intramurals: sign-up for various co-ed team sports
  • Library Volunteers: learn the many tasks involved in running the school library
  • Marathon: prepare for the relay
  • Math: problem-solving and Math contests
  • Minecraft
  • Northern Leaders
  • Robotics: interfacing hardware with computer programming
  • Sewing: learn how to sew
  • Sports Council: plan and run various school related activities thought the year
  • Windchill: whenever there is bad weather
  • Writing: writing your own stories just for the fun of it

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