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Registration Dates and Times


Acadia Junior High is currently closed to out-of-catchment students due to our high enrolment numbers. For students that are eligible to register for Acadia, here are some important dates. For more information please go to the 'How to Register' section of our website.

Important Dates: 

Registration for grade 6 and 7: February 20 - March 5 (due date): Acadia staff will visit feeder schools to explain registration process to students and distribute registration packages. Signed registrations are to be returned to students' homeroom teachers. The Acadia Open house is February 29.

Registration for grade 8: February 5 - February 16 (due date): Registration packages will be distributed on February 5 by homeroom teachers. They will go through the steps that need to be followed. Registrations are due by February 16.

New Students: February 29th and later: Registration begins the day after our open house on February 29th. Parents/Guardians living in the catchment area for the 2024-2025 school year are invited to attend this event with their child. Registration packages will be available in the office and online.

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