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Acadia hosts its annual Culture Day (slideshow)

On Friday May 31st, Acadia held its annual Culture Day led by EAL teachers, Ms. Martin and Ms. Rana. This immersive event was designed not only to celebrate the diverse tapestry of Acadia’s school community but also to offer invaluable learning opportunities for students to delve into various cultures.

The morning kicked off with the Acadia World Traveler experience, an exciting journey where students embarked on a virtual tour to 12 different countries via an interactive PowerPoint presentation. At each stop, participants were met with engaging tasks or challenges, adding an element of adventure to their cultural exploration.

As the day progressed, the spotlight shifted to the afternoon's main event: the Culture Show. Opening the festivities was the Winnipeg Chinese Dragon Dance Group, setting the stage for a captivating showcase of talent and tradition. Students took center stage, exhibiting their passion and skills in cultural dance, song, and showcasing their traditional attire. 

The atmosphere on Culture Day was alive with the spirit of unity and celebration. Staff and students not only celebrated diversity but also gained a deeper understanding of the world around them. 


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